The Foundation

Alkush is a leading private sector business entity. Founded in the year 1996 under the name “National Associates” canteen service was the first business venture where canteen facility was provided to various industrial sectors and gradually this business took a turning point to hospitality service. Now, Alkush, which was started with a single venture, developed itself to a group of companies with a turnover of ………... It has successfully developed a wide range of interests with trading in diverse sectors consisting of manufacturing in FMCG sector, construction business in residential, commercial and industrial sectors, HR Outsourcing; Consulting & Contracting and Hospitality Service Sector via hotel, restaurant & housekeeping.

When Alkush engaged into diverse sectors of business each of the business was working with individual strategies & goals under different names. In the year ……… Alkush was transformed into a group venture with four vital segments which were focused to a concrete and equal Vision. All the companies of the group stand with corporate brand in the same way and the name and logo is used with the same value which unifies the group. Undoubtedly the brands have their own brand mark but always carry the value of the corporate brand.

The Vision

Alkush always believes in creating innovative and dynamic business path. When Alkush was evolved into a group there was a single vision to grow into a business with solution to every human and environmental need so each division of Alkush focused to fulfilling particular human needs like health, beauty, hygiene environment, food, shelter, career and earnings. Alkush with its group is visionary about fulfilling its vital objective.

The Business

Alkush flourished its business in manufacturing of consumer products and institutional products. The business gradually grew with the association of more business like hospitality service, restaurant, hotel, construction work and human resource contracting & outsourcing. During the gradual development of all these business each company had individual identity. In the year ……… the managing director of Alkush, Mr. R. K. Shukla who had been very passionate to enlarge the business to a big venture with wide ranges of business solutions at one stop thus decided to merge each individual company under the single roof with a similar vision and broad objective of expansion on the whole. This passion and ambition gave birth to Alkush as the single roof with different business objectives and activities which were Alkush Industries Pvt Ltd, Alkush Hospitality, Alkush Human Resource, Alkush Properties and Alkush Enterprise.

The Challenge

When Alkush started its business journey the biggest challenge was to develop a big business hub which was a big confrontation for Alkush in the competitive business world where every business was growing in a fast rate. But Alkush took this challenge as a mission and finally in the year ……..it conquered the competitive business world by putting its first successful step as a group business venture. Now the challenge is to bring up each brand of Alkush into the limelight and grab not only the Indian market but also the global market.

The Conclusion

To conclude I would like to say that Alkush was born with the sense of a passion to grow and this passion already has led to conquer many challenges till date, so there is no doubt that the vision is very soon going to be fulfilled by Alkush. The enthusiastic owner and encouraging work team of Alkush is the boon and blood of Alkush whose passion to propel Alkush to the top can conquer the business world in the coming decade.

With Best Regards,
Anindita Karmakar Dutta