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The company is committed towards managing and constructing various properties including commercial, residential and industrial. We ensure that every project involves latest equipments, superior quality raw material, well-trained staff and other requisite factors.
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Alkush properties acts as a consultant in various fields like:

  • Modern technology with highly developed, well equipped and contemporary lifestyle
  • Equipments with latest facilities
  • Space designed and equipped with latest and upgraded technology etc
Alkush Properties offers services and solutions related to property transactions. We provide information like;
> Quality knowledge    > Legal issues    > Price related issues

We consult you regarding purchasing of properties or land. We give you information like;
> Market Price    > Sources    >Measurements    >Calculations

Our manpower and staffs who provide assistance about selling & purchasing are also periodically trained about all kinds of mathematical calculations, measurement information so that they provide our customers with proper and accurate solutions and answers to their queries.
We provide assistance to our clients in creating connection with the following sectors:

  • Government Sector
  • Property dealers
  • Legal Advisors
  • Contractors
  • Builders
  • Architects/Designers
Alkush Properties provides complete solutions related to property and infrastructure to our clients.

The solutions include:
  • Property- (selection; purchasing; selling; dealing; policy; legal procedures; quality Information; resource; supply; demand; clientele; value; market survey; competitors),
  • Location- ( choice, map, design, quality, feature, assessment)
  • Construction-(sites, designs, land, material, resource, tools, projects, plans, man
    power, etc.)
  • Material
  • Technology
  • Projects
  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure
Alkush Properties is highly concerned about safety issues in its business. Proper safety policies are being followed by our clients and staff. The employees and staff are thoroughly educated about safety tools, measures, policies and methods. The manpower working in the varied infrastructural projects are also being trained by professional trainers on duty as well as off the job regarding the safety matters of different projects. Modern and hi tech safety tools and safety attires are provided to the manpower to keep them safe at work.

The type of safety training include:

> General safety like accidents, electrical, manual handling, job safety analysis
> Technical safety is designed for electricians, contractors and consultants.

Creations: We started our business in infrastructure projects for Residential and Residential-cum-Commercial buildings. Our projects are located in Daman, Silvassa and the vicinity. Alkush Properties is a one-stop-shop for all the property requirements in construction, labour, technology & equipments. We offer construction division services which are undertaken by our expert construction engineers and supervisors. The raw material used by us is of superior quality and thoroughly checked and verified by our experts. We can promptly and efficiently construct any infrastructure as per the budget estimates of the clients. Alkush Properties has not limited itself to any particular segment of the market & has completed developments in the affordable category as well as several premiun categories.