Alkush Hospitality is a hospitality service-oriented venture. We offer dedicated support structure that facilitates efficiency across all facets of hospitality service development and operations. We believe in providing single-source solutions for specific requirements of our valued clients.

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Our food delivery service is based at Silvassa. We offer a varied menu for the 7 days of the week and special treat during festivities.
Health is our prime concern, so we serve in a food grade and hygienic containers. Alkush Hospitality is committed to provide healthy, hygienic & fresh food. Hygienic food & timely delivery is our main focus. Every meal at the Food express is certified by our food nutritionists, chefs and instructors.

We provide information about the method of managing the quality of its products & services by demonstrating the most effective system.
> We provide information like:
> Assistance regarding Total Quality Management (TQM) which focuses on:
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Measurement
  • Quality Control
Alkush Hospitality provides various kinds of facilities pertaining to space. We offer advice on how to make the most of the space available for various services.
> We offer assistance for space related solutions like:

  • Knowledge
  • Information
  • Human resource
  • Tools
  • Architecture
  • Source
  • Management
Alkush Hospitality has its own design concept which is applied in the various service sectors ranging from food, canteen, restaurant, hotel, recipe, staff to themes, costumes, utensils & house-keeping. We believe that design & look is as significant as taste & health in food. Various recipes are also designed, formulated & approved by Alkush Hospitality.
Utensils and dishes play a big role in hospitality. Alkush Hospitality consults and helps in providing specific definition and designs to the cooking as well as serving utensils. We ensure that the food is served and presented as per the client’s choice.

For Alkush Hospitality, hygiene facilities and solutions are of utmost importance. Besides food, housekeeping, canteen, hotel and restaurant services, we deliver complete and effective consultation for cleanliness & hygiene services.

Our hygiene practices include:
Proper training and knowledge to every single employee regarding the importance cooking and effective usage of hygienic ractices
Providing hygiene & cleaning solutions and services in each of our departments as well as to our clients and customers from different sectors and business
Offering unique cleaning products which provide the best hygiene solutions and meet the needs of our customers
Providing proper solution to bacterial contamination, food safety by using the instructions and guidelines of our food consultants, nutritionists and hygiene advisors.
Alkush hospitality provides consultation & solution to every situation associated with hospitality as :
> Service
> Food Which Includes

  • Taste
  • Recipe
  • Texture
  • Flavor
  • Cuisine
> Customer
> Human Resource
> Product
> Staff
> System
> Management
> Technology
> Design
> Safety
> Hygiene
> Cost
Alkush hospitality services are designed with a view to provide all possible support and solution to its customers.