Alkush Hospitality has been in the Hospitality Service-Oriented business for last many years. Alkush Hospitality proudly offers its valued customers with a dedicated support structure that facilitates efficiency across all facets of hospitality service development and operations.
Alkush Hospitality retains the most experienced talents in the industry in order to provide our valued customers with the highest & excellent quality of products & services. Alkush believes in providing single-source solutions for each & every requirements of our valued clients.
We are proud to offer you with the portfolio of our wide-range of products and services comprising Alkush Hospitality. Our Hospitality segment is a very vast segment as it performs various functions. Alkush Hospitality carries four significant brands-

When service is the concern Alkush hospitality comes up with the best in class, unique and comprehensive serviceto all types of industrial and commercial sectors along with the solution of each service so that our clients can get solution and service to every situation at one stop. Alkush hospitality provides workforce for cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, customer service, etc.
Alkush Hospitality provides:
  • Hospitality service:
  • Alkush provides hospitality service to different industrial sectors by functioning in hotel, restaurant, and canteen. Alkush hospitality covers diverse range of activities through servers, hotel & restaurant workers, kitchen workers, etc.

  • Customer service:
  • Alkush provides utmost customer service by serving our valuable customers with appropriate canteen, food, delivery, design, hygiene, etc.

  • Training service
  • Alkush provides all types of training services to canteen staffs and employees .

  • Housekeeping service
  • Alkush provides housekeeping services to industrial & commercial canteens and guesthouse by providing canteen and guesthouse housekeeping workers and housekeeping products and tools.

  • Food service
  • Alkush hospitality is specialized in food service. We provide all kinds of food service ranging from canteen food, fine dine food, homemade food, food delivery, packaged food, low budgeted food, etc.

  • Canteen service
  • We provide office and industrial canteen service to various industrial and commercial sectors.

  • Guesthouse service
  • We provide guesthouse services with paid Food & Lodging to our valuable customers.

  • Restaurant service
  • Alkush hospitality provides fine dine restaurant services with variety and quality in food, refreshment and ambiance.

  • Food & Tiffin delivery service
  • Alkush hospitality provides food via delivery to various industrial, commercial and residential sectors . We offer homemade food experience to our valuable customers through our food delivery service. We also deliver Tiffin like snacks and breakfast with variety to different industrial & commercial sectors.