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The company is committed towards managing and constructing various properties including commercial, residential and industrial. We ensure that every project involves latest equipments, superior quality raw material, well-trained staff and other requisite factors.
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We follow all types of company liabilities as per company, state & central policies. In our country we have a variety of statutory obligations to discharge like:
  • Minimum Wages act 1948
  • Employees Provident Fund Act 1952;
  • Employees State Insurance Act;
  • Personal Injuries (Compensation Insurance) Act;
  • Workmen’s Compensation Act;
  • Service tax
These are some of the major laws which require not only regular payouts by industrial units but also involve filing of periodic returns and maintenance of registers and records. We maintain all records which come under factories act 1948.
Alkush Human Resources offers the latest training courses and solutions for providing the best class human resource to our clients. Our trainers guide the human resource of our company as well as of our clients in our training centers to increase their competency and develop their skills and knowledge in any job profile. We also act as training consultants to other organizations.
The types of training we provide are: Induction training & On-the-job training

> In induction training we include:
  • Learning about the duties of the job
  • Meeting new colleagues
  • Seeing the layout of the premises
  • Learning the values and aims of the business
  • Learning about policies of the business

> In On-the-job training we include:
  • Demonstration / instruction - showing the trainee how to do the job
  • Coaching

We also provide training gadgets and instruments to practically train and develop the manpower. We also have expert training personnel and they use modern technique to train the manpower concerned with workplace safety including technical, mechanical, electrical, office marketing sales etc. We provide regular training to our employees so that they are updated with the latest technologies.
We provide our customers trained human resources who perform quality work in each employment and sector. We provide proper learning knowledge & information to the manpower during duty as well as in training sessions about
> Quality
> Quality control
> Quality measurements
> Quality structure and
> Quality assurance

We do a detailed & systematic study of job to find out the nature & qualification of the people required by our clients.

Our TQM (Total quality management) is focused on
> Quality control
> Quality improvement and measurements
> Quality assurance

We also consult you about quality of work life. We provide guidelines regarding improvement of your work life labour – management relations development of employee skill reduction of occupational stress.
We provide beneficial information about human resource to our customers as well as to our workmen. We provide information regarding:

  • Consults and advises about manpower
  • Consults and advises about manpower, resource utilization.
  • Situation related to manpower handling, manpower training, manpower workplace, work environment.
  • Payroll, wages, bonus, compensation benefits.
  • Medical benefits, gratuity.
  • Factory obligations, legal issues, grievance handling
  • Manpower decision, manpower utilization, manpower safety, manpower turnover etc.
Alkush Human Resource also acts as a solution provider to all the clients with respect to all kinds of manpower & human resource related issues. Alkush Human Resource offers solution mechanism to our customers regarding different kinds of manpower circumstances like:
How to utilise human resource
Improving work efficiency
Right job to right person
How to handle manpower effectively
Listen & solve their grievances
How to motivate manpower
Giving employee benefits
Pleasant working environment
Recognize them on individual basis
Create social events
How to retain manpower for long term
Timely wages
By following all norms related to an employee
How to monitor & control manpower
Performance appraisal
How to enhance the skills of manpower
Regular training
When to employ new manpower
For new projects
How to evaluate manpower performance
By ranking
Paired comparison
Management by objective (MBO)
Behaviourally anchored rating scale
360 degree appraisal
Human resource accounting
How to get maximum work done
By motivating
What kind of benefits must be provided to manpower
Fringe benefits etc
Alkush human resource provides with proper information and training to the manpower regarding safety policies of industries, companies and factories. Proper on the job & off-the-job training about safety policies, safety tools, safety measures are being provided by Alkush Human Resource. At Alkush we provide training to our workmen as per companies requirement. We follow all safety norms related to company. The type of safety training provided is;

> General safety like accidents, electrical, manual handling, job safety analysis
> Technical safety is designed for electricians, contractors and consultants.