Alkush also provides contract manufacturing services (CMS) for both in-house and out-house. We have a strong system for standard operating procedure (SOPs), solid quality management systems, appropriately trained personnel, independent quality control (QC) or quality assurance (QA) units and properly designed equipment and facilities. The types of work we handle in CMS are like:

> Manufacturing   
We used to manufacture different kind of products. Techniques and methods are adopted from our clients. We follow the same process of manufacturing given by our clients.

> Online & offline Quality Control 
After the completion of manufacture of product process of quality control takes place. Product quality is checked by both ourselves and by our clients.

> Filling
Once the quality is certified the product is filled up in the bottles. We take care that the product filled in is of appropriate quantity.

> Labeling
After the filling of product our workmen labels the products.

> Packaging
We pack the products.

> Post Packaging

> Co-packaging

> Despatch of the product takes place only after the quality assurance.