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A. Corporate Office
Our corporate office is situated in Daman with all modern infrastructure facilities. The office is buzzing with over 200 employees working in product management, sales & marketing, quality assurance, production & planning, purchase, field administration and human resource.

B. Research & Development Centre-
The primary aim of our R&D is to develop product & processes that are efficient, safe & eco-friendly and simultaneously cater to demands of global as well as domestic consumers. Our R&D domain ensures that we offer supreme quality products at any cost.

R&D sphere consists of experiences personnel with a strong aspiration for scientific research. We always inspire our team to devise new formulas as per the clients' requirements and improving manufacturing and technological processes.

Our well- equipped laboratory, the latest and high tech facilities conducts routine and in-depth testing, to establish product protocols. These stringent tests are performed for raw materials, bulk and finalised formulations.

Alkush Quality Assurance Team ensures quality based products and manufacturing at each level. It ensures that our range suitably fulfills all quality parameters. We have framed a well-defined quality management system, which is based on internationally accepted industrial standards. The team focuses on all areas of operation comprising procurement of the best raw materials, optimum manufacturing technology, precise delivery of the customer's requirements, thereby ensuring a rapid penetration of both domestic and global markets.

C. Manufacturing equipments
Both our manufacturing units are equipped with the latest and high output equipments.

At Daman

  • Liquid insulated manufacturing vessel with 3 ton capacity: 3 Nos.
  • Holding vessel with 3 kl capacity: 3 Nos
  • 500 kg ribbon blander
  • Electric Boiler

At Haridwar

  • 30 kl storage tank
  • 2.5 kl manufacturing vessel
  • 1 kl manufacturing vessel
  • 250 kg cream manufacturing vessel
  • Automatic head filling machine: 6 Nos.
  • Head filling machine: 2 Nos.
  • Automatic track pouch packing machine: 6 Nos.
  • Single track pouch packing machine: 3 Nos.
  • 500 kg ribbon blender
  • Number powder filling machine etc: 1 No.