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Evos has emerged as a total healthcare solution with an extensive range of hand cleansers and sanitizers. The prime purpose of this range is to clean hands off pathogens and chemicals which can affect wellness.

It has evolved as an advanced hand sanitizer with active-ingredients. It helps in optimal disinfection of exposed surfaces such as around the fingernails, between the fingers, behind the thumb and around the wrist.

Evos has expanded its business to body care, daily care and special care; and formulated a skin activating complex that blends to purify, replenish and moisturize the skin making it clean and soft.

The added moisturizers prevent moisture loss and give a gentle skin polishing effect. Since it is clinically proven, it is non-greasy, light and fast-absorbing, thus making it suitable for all types of weather conditions and skin.
Evos helps in many other ways like:

Sr. No : 1 Color Identification : Pink
Brand Name : Evos
Description : Hand Cleanser Dilution Ratio* : 3-5 ml
Brand Code : E1 Product Function : Gentle hand
  Cleanser fro greasy

Sr. No : 2 Color Identification : Milky White
Brand Name : Evos
Description :

Gentle Hand Cleanser

Dilution Ratio* : 3 ml
Brand Code : E2 Product Function : Gentle handwash

Sr. No : 3 Color Identification : Green
Brand Name : Evos
Description : Disinfectant Cleanser Dilution Ratio* : 3ml
Brand Code : E3 Product Function : Disinfectant handwash