My thin, dry and dull hair was one of my major concerns. Neither could I style it nor could I tie it, because it neither had the volume nor the thickness. Till 3 months back bad hair days were a constant frustration to me. From hair stylists to family
members everyone suggested medical attention. But since I was wary of side effects I started on a journey to discovering a solution to my hair problems. That's when a friend suggested Pukhraj Amla Oil. In a few days my hair felt good and looked better and now my hair has a bounce it had lost years ago and a shine which brings happiness to me and all. I started using other Pukhraj products as well, such as the Herbal shampoo which facilitates growth of hair and conditions it well, Pukhraj Jasmine Oil which acts as an anti-depressant, Thanda Oil for the tension filled days, etc. Change to Pukhraj and get back the crowning glory.