Alkush Group is considered as one of the most diversified companies in India today. Established in the year 1996, Alkush group has been continuously offering world class range of unique combination of products and services to its customers spread across the globe. Today, Alkush group has spread its business in various sectors which includes Industries, Hospitality, Human Resource and Properties. We have our corporate office situated at Daman and a well equipped manufacturing units based in Haridwar & Daman.

Alkush group is a vast business focusing mainly to serve the society and define the outlook of life with unique combination of products & services.

Our Businesses

Alkush Group has established itself in the following sectors and has continuously been growing in it. It has spread its business in Industries, Hospitality, Human Resource and Properties.

Our Top Brands


Our Clients

Alkush Group aims to offer customers with a variety and wide range of services so as to fulfill the group goal of achieving the highest standards of clients approach and creating an identity and building an infinite trust.

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