E2 - Gentle Hand Cleanser

Gentle hand wash

Washing hands with Evos Gentle hand cleanser protects you & make you Work in peace with germ-free surroundings! 


Hotels & Restaurants Hospitals & Health Care Residential & Commercial areas Retail Industries Government Sectors Educational institutions 


Step 1- Take hand wash dispenser(standard size=500ml). Pour 500 ml of a Evos E2 in a hand wash dispenser and tighten the cap of the dispenser. 

Step 2- Tighten the Evos E2 with a cap and store it in a specific area. 

Step 3 -Rinse soiled hands with water. 

Step 4-Press the nozzle. Take 3-5 ml on your palm. 

Step 5- Rub hands thoroughly until the dirt is loosened 

Step 6- Rinse hands with water. 

Step 7 - For regular hygiene use, E2 whenever required.

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