L2 - Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Use to clean, disinfect and protect your floors

Lumo L2 Floor Cleaner kills viruses and bacteria and is approved to kill germs even when diluted. Help keep a healthier floor top to bottom with Lumo Floor Cleaner.


Hotels & Restaurants, Hospitals & Health Care Residential & Commercial areas Retail Industries Government Sectors Educational institutions 


Step 1- Clean the dust of the areas. 

Step 2- Take out the Lumo L2 solution in the cap of the can. 

Step 3- Normal Soiling: Use 1 cap (20 ml) for 1 liter of water. Heavy Soiling: Use 2.5 cap (50 ml) in 1 liter of water. Tough Stains: Solution can be directly used in the areas. 

Step 4-Tighten the Lumo L2 can with cap and store in a specific area. 

Step 5- Apply solution with a mop, scrub if necessary and rinse off. 

Step 6- To dry the floor, turn on the fan. 

Step 7- For regular hygiene & best results, Use Lumo L2 regularly. 

Note: Diluted solution can also be used with single disc machines and automatic scrubber driers also.

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