L4 - Furniture Maintainer


Cleans up the furniture & restores the natural look 


Hotel -Front Desk, Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Doors, Windows, Chairs, Rocking Chair, Desk, Stool, Bedside table, Cupboards Cabinets, Drawer, Bench, Rails, Photo Frames, Clocks, Vase, Pots, Lamps, Decorative items, Brasshandles, Nameplates. 

Hospitals - Tables, Doors, Medicine Racks, Windows, Chairs, Rocking Chair, Desk, Stool, Bedside table, Cupboards Cabinets, Drawer, trolley, Bench, Rails, Coffee Tables, Photo Frames, Clocks, Vase, Pots. 

Buildings - Front Desk, Chairs, Tables, Racks, Wooden slots, shelf space, Bench, Rails, Brasshandles, Nameplates, Vase, Pots, Lamps, Decorative items. 

Retail -Housekeeping services, Cars, A.C buses & Trains, Airport & metro terminals, Shopping malls, showrooms, Stores, Theater, Gaming zones- Billboards, Caroms, Sports Equipment, elevators, Gymnasium, Spa & saloon, Retail outlets etc. 

Industries - Front Desk, Laptop tables, Conference Table, Coffee Tables, Doors, Windows, Chairs, Desk, Stool, Cupboards Cabinets, Drawer, Bench, Rails, Notice Boards, Frames, Clocks, Vase, Pots, Brasshandles, Nameplates. 

Government Offices - In all co-operative offices, State, district, and city government offices. 

Education institution -Classrooms tables, Chair. Desk, office desk, Library, Auditorium, Laboratories, Computer labs, Musical Instruments, Sports equipment, Hostel rooms, Cafeteria, dining hall or canteen.preschools, childcare, elementary schools, College, research centers and universities. 

Food & Beverage - In all the manufacturing industries of F&B. 


Step 1- Take Alkush 750 ml Trigger spray bottle. Pour 750 ml from a 5 litre can into a spray bottle . Do not dilute with water. 

Step 2- Tighten Lumo L4 can with it's cap and store in it's specific area. 

Step 3- Tighten the spray bottle & Shake well the spray bottle. 

Step 4- Spray LUMO L4 onto clean cloth & Wipe on all wooden surfaces. 

Step 5- Polish on the areas evenly to bring fine sheen. 

Step 6- For shining & best results, Use Lumo L4 regularly

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