L9 - Carpet Detergent



Hotel - Carpets in Resort, Restaurant, Dining area, Passage areas, Guest rooms, Stage, Bedrooms, Banquet hall. Hospitals- Carpets in Doctor's cabin, Pharmacy, Waiting rooms, Private rooms. 

Buildings - Corporate, Residential, Commercial, Religious buildings, Rowhouses, Shopping malls, Fort, Palace, Museums, Concert halls, library. 

Retail -Housekeeping services, Cars, A.C buses & Trains, Airport & metro terminals, Shopping malls, showrooms, Stores, Theater, elevators, Gymnasium, Spa & saloon, Retail outlets, etc. 

Industries -Departments, office cabins, conference rooms, Shopfloor, Labs, warehouse, washrooms. 

Government Offices -co-operative offices, State, district, and city government offices. 

Education institution - Classrooms, Cabins, office, Library, Auditorium, Computer labs, Art & Music lab, Hostel rooms, Cafeteria, dining hall or canteen. preschools, childcare, elementary schools, colleges, research centers and universities. 

Food & Beverage- In all the manufacturing industries of F&B. 


Step 1 -Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. 

Step 2- Normal soiling: Take 500 ml of LUMO L10 from 5 litre in 10 litre water.Heavy soiling: Take 1000 ML in 10 litre. Mix the solution. 

Step 3 -Tighten Lumo L9 can with it's cap and store in its specific area. 

Step 4- First shampoo, the carpet borders by hand with a soft brush.

Step 5- Then apply foam evenly on the carpet with a scrubbing machine. 

Step 6- Brush up the carpet pile while still damp. 

Step 7- Leave to dry completely, then vacuum the carpet carefully. 

Step 8- Remove hand gloves. 

Step 9- Carefully vacuum the carpet. 

Step 10- For regular hygiene & best results, use LUMO L9 often

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