L12 - Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner/ Degreaser


A heavy-duty formulation for tough greasy soil 


Hotel - Resort, Restaurant, Dining area, Passage areas, Guest rooms, Stairs, Bedrooms, Banquet hall, Washrooms & Toilets. 

Hospitals -Doctor's cabin, Laboratories, Pharmacy, OPD, Passage areas, Waiting rooms, wards, Private rooms, Storerooms, Stairs, Washrooms. 

Buildings - Corporate, Residential, Commercial, Religious buildings, Basements, Parking area, Rowhouses, Shopping malls, Fort, Palace, Museums, Concert halls, library. 

Retail - Housekeeping services, Cars, A.C buses & Trains, Airport & metro terminals, Shopping malls, Foodcourt, showrooms, Stores, Theater, Elevator, Gymnasium, Spa & saloon, Retail outlets, etc. 

Industries -Security Cabin, Reception area, Cafeteria & Canteen, Departments, office cabins, conference rooms, Shopfloor, Stairs, Labs, warehouse, washrooms. 

Government Offices - co-operative offices, State, district, and city government offices. 

Education institution -Classrooms, Cabins, office, Library, Auditorium, Stage, Laboratories, Computer labs, Art & Music lab, Hostel rooms, Cafeteria, dining hall or canteen. preschools, childcare, elementary schools, colleges, research centers and universities. 

Food & Beverage - In all the manufacturing industries of F&B. 


Step 1- Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. 

Step 2- Take out the Lumo L12 solution in the cap of the can. 

Step 3 - Normal Soiling: (LxW:10x10) use 1/2 cap (10 ml) in 1 liter of water, For Heavy Soiling: use 2.5 caps (50 ml) in 1 liter of water. Stains: Solution may directly use if there are tough stains in the floor. 

Step 4 -Tighten the Lumo L12 can with a cap and store it in a specific area. 

Step 5- Apply to the surface with a brush or mop 

Step 6- Scrub if necessary and rinse off with water. 

Step 7- Remove hand gloves. 

Step 8- For regular hygiene & best results, Use Lumo L12 regularly. 

Note: Not recommended for use on alkali sensitive surfaces such as parquet/wood, PVC, rubber, etc.

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